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risking my very own freedom

i love a woman who has a criminal past. although she has a heart the size of Texas she managed to get into trouble again.. i want nothing more then to spend the the rest of my life with this woman. but to do so would require risking my very own freedom. i think i can change her but i am unsure. i am willing to give all of me to this woman no matter what. what do i do what should i do?

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Report from Cairo, Egypt - Feb 2, 2011

I love what I do... but this national crisis came and has made everything else in my life seem insignificant.

Things have been crazy over here (Cairo) as you know, we just got internet back today (yay:-) how we take some things for granted), the past week was very exciting and celebratory, then today everything turned ugly and very sad. We thought we were so close last night...we thought finally things would change. Yesterday there were over a…


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tired of this world

I have no fancy text or picture, I'm just looking to see if there's anyone who I can talk to right now. I am no orphan or a victim of child abuse. My problems started however when my father left me when I was two, I told myself all my life that it wasn't his choice that his job required him to, even though he lived in so many other places that were so far from where I was. My two older half sisters, who's biological father was a drug addict and convict who never tried to be a part of their… Continue

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hump and dump / a thousand lies=death

i have had rough year over the summer i was raped by senior football play at our school he gives me dirty looks cause i turned him into the police i tried overdoesing on tylenol pm 3 times cause i cant live with stress having a panic attack everytime i see him makes me depressed and i cant confess it well tonight manny my bf slept with a girl brittany tay my friend bffl and manny said no so i belive him cause i trust himm i just got off phoe with girl and i have cried 2 hours straight...tay…


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I hate my life, but I love my kids

i had a stroke 7 years ago and, i have two teenagers and they don't understand why i am on a limited income and can't  give them the things they want. its hard to explain ti them that my social security is suppose to last  the month, but it don't when everyone wants wants wants, i feel so useless that i am in this position, and can't give them the things that they want! i was spoiled as a child and wanted to raise…

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Here's the truth

Okay, that within itself is a lie I feel terrible about my secret inner thoughts and I now people will see this and probably trace me but here's the truth: I am disabled and failed horribly throughout life... I am truly paying for my sins even though there are millions worse off than me... I am tired... God loves me and I keep thinking otherwise... there is a demon deep within me... it is difficult to keep rebuking him with the voices I hear. Everything from self castration and other… Continue

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He used Me

I feel in love with him and found out he lied to me they whole time so I anonymously sent his girlfriend a text telling her he was cheating…but not with who or when. It was cowardly I know but I couldn’t help it. I was so angry. Regardless she didn’t believe it, doesn’t matter. I’m the only one hurting…everyday. I want to cry and scream because I can’t get him off my mind. He’s a jerk and undeserving of my love but I love him nonetheless. I feel like I would just slap the piss out of him if he… Continue

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anonymous blog submission

I look in the mirror and dont see the person looking back... This person scares me and I him. If I hate who I am this much I dont want to image how others see me. I get so tired of looking at this person it hurts in ways I cant believe. I'm tired of all the things this person does because of an "idea" of who they should be... Why cant I just be ME why.......why......why..... Because I'm scared of what it would do to others not just me.... but if I want something why cant I have it, because I'm… Continue

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anonymous blog submission from Australia

because im tired of feeling this way everyday. then having it get better only to see it taken away from me again

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anonymous blog submission from Australia

I Do It To Feel Free.I Do I For Relief. I Do It For The Thrill Of The Pain. I Do It To Feel Powerful. I Do It When I Need To. I Do It To See My Blood. I Do It Because I Can.

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Por eso

Yo lo busca asta que ella bengas, entundes ella se va, hasta yo la quieras otra ves..............It happens all the time. It's also called chasing. then when you are caught (not her), you don't like the trap you feel, so you screw it up, she leaves because you are not committed or don't really want intimacy, till you lose it. You really want to be single, but you want her to be committed. It's simple really. Then when you realize what you gave up, you chase again. If she is sane, she will keep… Continue

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