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They don't know.

When you are in a room with all the people that you love, and you just don’t feel like you fit in anymore. You feel like the relationships would be better formed between the others if you weren’t there, because they all have more things in common. You look at yourself and think that they all feel bad for you, which is why they are all “friends” with you to begin with. When the one person you could ever talk to about anything is the last person you want to talk to. That person is the person…


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This is about my relationship with my mother. She is making poor choices, and I just needed to get it out.

Why did you do it?

Why don't you care?

You made me angry with your choice

and I feel as though you don't hear my voice.

He isn't good for you

and he isn't good for me.

You are keeping secrets, lying, cheating,

and don't care about the consequences.

You don't care about how this affects…


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everything is different

Everything is different

Everything has changed.

I feel all these emotions,

through the entire range.



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RIP Granna. 1947-2011

I would change the way we were

I would try and make it all right

I would be nicer kinder love you more

And I would be there for you


Laugh more love more spend time together

Joke more see you more make the pain disappear


Basically I would just try harder for you to be a part of my life

And try more for me to be a part of…


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i have learned recently, more now than ever before, that God is with me wherever i go and whatever i do. He loves me and i love Him. if i want to go around flinging accusations at people, or being a jerk to them, i wont automatically receive his forgiveness though....i have to ask for it. i have to actually believe that what i did was wrong and ask that God help me to change. it isnt up to anyone else, it is up to me. Jesus died for me, and i am what he died to save. if i can't ask for…


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the calling in life

some people dont know what their calling is, no matter how old they are

some people know what they are meant to do from the day they learn how to read.

i knew kina what my calling was when i was younger,

but now i know for sure.

i was born to help people, whoever may need it.

and i will keep on helping them, until i can no longer stand on my own.

so stand up people, and try and help with me.

because you never know when you will need help…


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you know when you think that your life sucks? try looking at life through your friends eyes. they may seem like they have life all figured out and seem like they are happy all the time. but that may just be an act. they can be just as unhappy as you feel, or worse, but they want to help you and they want to make sure you are happy or they just don't feel comfortable telling you because they feel that even though you are friends, you are still judgmental. One of my best friends just told me that… Continue

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letting it out

if all you do is keep it in,

then life will not be worth the living.

if all you do is keep it in,

then you will never stop the giving.

you keep it in you all the time,

and have to pretend that all is fine.

you bottle up and want to shout,

but all you need is to let it out.

come on with me, take my hand,

i'll show you we can take a stand.

so letting it out,

will help you to see,

the truth behind,



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acting is easy.

everyone can put on an act. some to entertain, some to get people to like them. but mine is to show people that i'm happy, when i just want to cry on the inside

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...because i want to make everyone else happy...

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because if i don't...

why do i do what i do? because if i don't then everyone will know how truly down i am all the time. i never feel as though i fit in. i'm an outsider to this world and i want to be happy, but i'm not happy. hardly ever. i want one day to be normal again. i haven't been happy in almost a year and i know that if i'm pretend that i'm happy long enough then i will end up actually happy, or at least i will think that i am.

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