Aaron Weimer
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Why Do You Do What You Do- Final Draft

I am Aaron Weimer. I love my parents, and I am a devout Christian. Being a Christian is a big reason of everything that I do. Being a Christian guides my moral compass and it helps me in every aspect of life. My faith is constantly tested and when things don’t always go as planned. Who I am is a person who finds importance in loyalty and I value friendship. I was always picked on when I was a kid because of my glasses face, just all around nerdy look, and my carefree nature. Being nerd as a kid and that made me very insecure. I know that that point in my life made me hold trustworthiness and loyalty very dear. A true friend is what I always lacked until I got older. However, I was able to break out of my shell through finding acceptance in baseball. Baseball is what gave me a sense of belonging and confidence that I could do something special.
Baseball is what I do. I play baseball for 8 hours a day and five days and five days a week. Usually that kind of continuous strain is something people usually frown upon. I don’t view it that way, I just love playing it. I do what I do because that is how I find comfort in myself and how I find acceptance. I will never forget my freshman year in high school when I was scared and nervous as always. I knew very few people except from my junior high. Baseball workouts started the week we came back from summer and I had been doing well. As I was walking I saw that two top senior players. Both of them had a scholarship to Pepperdine University so they were big names on campus. They saw me and said,”hey Weimer”. I looked back shocked that they even knew who I was. They asked if I wanted to go to lunch with them and of course I accepted. From then on I was viewed by everyone older as a baseball player. The point I am trying to make is when I found something that made me comfortable I was able to break free and have a swagger about me. I play baseball to win and to feel great about what I do knowing that not everyone does what I do. I feel comfortable on the field knowing that there is where I belong. Now that I am playing at UCLA I find myself with so many kids who share my passion and just that alone makes me comfortable here.
Life is a constant journey that should be handled one day at a time one minute at a time. I find that I am so focused with tomorrow that I ruin today. My bad habits mostly consist of me not taking care of the moment. In my life I try to take care of every day at once only to become overwhelmed by life. I am like this because of my constant pressure from my family to do well. I don’t know how I can break this habit. I think now it is just who I am and it is something I have to control. Who people are can vary so vastly, but finding out who we are is one of the many wonders of life.

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