I do it because the best can never exist alone


For me, I do it because the best can never exist alone.

Life is comparable. Based on our experiences, we would give judgments or comments on something based on our experiences. Yesterday, I had dinner with an old friend in a French Cuisine.  We did not see each other for a long time. Since we have known each other since elementary school, we dated back our childhood and school life. Friendship, arbitrariness, curiosity, and energy filled in our past. Life is one way, you could not “U-turn” or even stop. Because of the past, we know we cannot chase back the past but cherish what we have now.


We “learned” from the past; we compared what we have now with the past. If the world does not give us any choice (or we did not give ourselves any choice), we are only acceptors; we will not know what we want and what the best is. For example, we just have oranges as our fruits, we will not know how sweet, crispy and juicy apples are. However, if we have choice to have an apple instead of orange, we could say I like one of them or none of them. Because we have tried the orange, then apple, we could know which one you think is delicious. Since our experience, we could know what the best is and what is suitable for us.


As we apply in our daily life, people always talk about love. I think the majority have more than one experience on dating. Why? Since the best is so outstanding in comparison. Perhaps, the best boyfriend or girlfriend appeared, but for some reasons (life is complicated and always changed), we break up with them. Then, we would hold a hope to look for the other one can be the “second” best, and keep the memories. Or, we would choose to be a single, since we know the best cannot be back anymore. I think all the reason we do something because we want to make comparison, or we let the past to make comparison. Because of the past, we know what we need to cherish or what we really want. We make decision to our life, at the same time, life makes decision for us. Either way, we just want to know what the best is or at least taste what the best is.


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