It is strange because where ever i set up "camp" during college, trips, or vacation, i always call the place im staying at home. Its not because i feel like it is my home, just because its where we all meet up. Its wear the group comes back together again. Home base, i guess is a better word for it. It wasnt until i visited my home town a couple weeks ago that i really realized what it meant to say "home". The second i started seeing familiar territory my whole heart lifted. I didnt care that i was tired or that i wasnt going to see all my friends. It was simply being in the area that i grew up in, that made me feel so much better. My mind was relaxed, my body was too and i dont know if i frowned that whole trip. Home is the place where you seriously feel better when you think about it, when you hear about it or dream about it. There is no place like my home, and i cant wait to live my life and make new homes for myself; make other places that truly accept me and love me.
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  • I do the same thing Rebecca! I love home. In case you didn't know, I am from Coronado, California. I am obsessed with where I am from. Being at college has made me appreciate my home a lot more. There is nothing better than being on the 405 South knowing that I am going home. The best feeling is being in my own bed surrounded by the people that matter most to me.
  • I do the same thing! I don't mean to but no matter where I am when it time to go back to the place I'm sleep at I always say "when are we going home". After being in college for six months I have had the same realization as you, home is truly something special. I couldn't say it any better than you "there is no place like home", and I too cannot wait till I have a place as special to me as my real home, but I can tell you this it isn't going to be in Westwood!
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