you know when you think that your life sucks? try looking at life through your friends eyes. they may seem like they have life all figured out and seem like they are happy all the time. but that may just be an act. they can be just as unhappy as you feel, or worse, but they want to help you and they want to make sure you are happy or they just don't feel comfortable telling you because they feel that even though you are friends, you are still judgmental. One of my best friends just told me that she used to cut, and she quit like 6 months ago. i had suspected it but i didn't do anything about it. i just sat there and let it continue. I wanted to do something, but she would just deny it when i said something to her or she would blame it on the cats. she told me today that she used to do it, and she also told me that she did it again. It hurt to hear that she used to cut, then she tells me that she did it again, after being 'sober' for so long. i wanted to hold her, hug her, keep her close to me, but I can't be there. all that I can do is talk to her and tell her that i love her and that she can talk to me about anything and that she can trust me with everything. It opened my eyes, because i used to be there, and now she's there, and I'm away at school and I can't be there to help her when she needs help the most.
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  • It is very brave and caring of you to stick by your frend through a problem as serious as cutting.  The situation was probably shocking at first to you, but the best thing you can do is be there for support and being a shoulder to lean on in this time of need.  It always feels amazing to have friends that stick with you through thick and thin, and they are lucky to have you for support.

  • It is very difficult to be there for someone who is going through a lot, especially since your in school. The best thing to do is to just tell your friend that you really care for them and your friend has the strength to prevent herself from hurting.
  • that is basically what writing this was about. there are so many people that need to realize the truth, but some of them don't want to realize it.
  • I think the best thing a friend can do is being there to listen and share. Because we aren't always aware that everyone else is just as lonely as we are, I think it's important to have somebody to share our feelings and to let us know that we aren't the only ones. Not because we get to know that there are somebody else whose life sucks, but because we get to know that somebody else is struggling as we are.
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