Im not catholic, but i do celebrate one of its biggest traditions. Lent teaches us discipline and restrain, which is something a lot of us dont have anymore. For the past few years ive escalated from giving up just chocolate, to all sweats, to all sweats and soda and so forth. Although ive done all that and more, i am starting back at the beginning because just like lent is starting over, so am I at college. Everything is so accessible here, chocolate/sweats and everything! It'll be a miracle if i can go a week without eating any chocolate! As hard as it will be to go without my favorite dessert and snack (haha) there is something about lent that is so much more than just not eating candy. Going without something for 40 days takes a lot. At least for me, I feel successful and strong and feel like i can endure a lot more because im strong enough to say no to something i really want. You dont have to be religious to do lent, you just have to be willing to try something new and be strong with your decision...

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  • Rebecca and Samantha, I don't know if you have ever known this but I have an obsession with biting my nails. For lent, I decided to give up biting my nails. It has been a week so far and really hard for me to do. Good luck without eating chocolate!
  • I alwasy thought it was funny that the majority of people that i know who celebrate lent are not catholic.  I think it is just another way of competition between people that are actually non-religious, and a goal that hopefully with be attained for self-satisfaction.  It is fun to try out though i must admit.
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