I am obsessed. It is an hour long TV show that brightens my day whenever i talk or think about it. There is something about being the underdog, being the losers of the school, that really hooks me. These kids are all at the bottom of the pyramid in school because they might not be the prettiest or best dressed, but they all have talent way beyond my own abilities. They enjoy each others company and learn to relish even the bad memories spent together. They spend hours talking about what its like to be slushied--something that no other group of people get to feel. I count myself as one in their group, even though i cant sing, i cant dance and i have no exciting quality to bring to the table. I watch as Rachel becomes a star performer and almost cry when songs i like are played. I cant tell you how many times i have listened to the glee-mix of Michael Jacksons thriller song and I wish to form some glee group on my own. Unfortunately, my talents are no way near that of anyone in that group, so i resort to water polo and continue on in my quest for athletic greatness.
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  • I love glee. I wish I was a gleek. My favorite mash up was "Singing in the rain/umbrella", love me some Gwen Paltrow.
  • I am such a "gleek!" I cant get enough of this show! Each week I am so anxious to see what songs they are going to sing next! They are not only so talented but pick such a great selection of songs to sing!

  • I love this show too! It's kind of cheesy but I love all the songs, and all of the kids on this show are soooo talented! If I could have any other talent in the world I wish I could sing. I can't wait to watch this weeks episode!
  • Though i have only watched the first season fully, Glee has been my muscial inspiration lately.  It is such a great show that caters to all ages of viewers.  The first time i saw it I was hooked, and have been in love every since.

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