Acceptance vs Change: Is it really important?

Do we accept who we are or are we constantly trying to change? Humans, men and women alike are always trying to evolve into something else. From the time we are born, we are conditioned to make something of ourselves and grow with the rest of the world. We follow rules and regulations and at times find determination to slip through the cracks. But what happens when you become something you are not?What if for just one day everyone would change who they are in the present time? Would this world be different? Would this world and structured life we live in be turned into kaos or would everyone really be happy with their decisions? My mind was on a particular person this morning how this person had changed his life to satisfy another. He thought it was the right thing to do; only to find out, it has damaged so many people along the way and especially himself. His self-esteem has been crushed and he will forever be regretful for his choices.For some, this is nothing new. I know quite a lot of individuals who make drastic changes to themselves and their environment to please other people. They make these changes and in the end only lose their inability to open up to people after they have been silenced from pain, suffering and feelings of anger. They can no longer find that inner peace for themselves, become so insecure with all that surrounds them that the days go by and they miss their chance for happiness and understanding by the ones that truly love them.My question to you today: If you could make one change in your life what would it be?Remember, when making that change would you have lived your life according to plan or would there be other disappointments along the way that would have taken on a whole new meaning? Would you be who you are today and would you be happy? or Just content?
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