I can scarcely remember anything from my childhood except how my parents constantly fought and how my brother always received the end blows of my father’s frustrations. With a typical Asian mother who sought to make sure that I was always number one, I was always compared with other kids my age in terms of looks, academics, etc. Growing up in a broken and discouraging family, I grew to be very quiet and distant from others. I didn’t have many friends and always felt lonely. I felt that there was no one to save me from the never-ending struggles that were consuming my life.

I accepted Jesus Christ into my life during the third grade. It was my first church retreat and I wasn’t quite sure of what I was getting myself into, but I was so eager and desperate for change in my life. Little did I know just how much God would transform my heart, my circumstances, and my outlook on life. As I started to become more involved in my church, I went on my first few mission trips to evangelize, travelling in different states and countries such as Arizona, Colorado, and New Mexico, and Mexico. It was then that I truly witnessed God working in people’s lives, and realized that He was and had been doing the same in my life as well. He had never abandoned me to begin with. As I would pray, God slowly revealed to me the struggles that I had tried so hard to forget. I realized that it was impossible to live my life on my own. It was only by His healing hands that the broken bits and fragments of my life could be pieced back together.

I do what I do because I want to share with others the amazing love that Christ has shown me—I want to share the good news, that God sacrificed His own beloved and blameless son to die for our sins. I was someone who used to be overlooked, but God’s incomprehensible sacrifice placed in me my worth, made me His daughter who was born to be loved, and freed me of the chains which sin and brokenness placed in my life. I do what I do because I want to show the world that there is hope, freedom, and salvation for those who seek Jesus Christ.

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