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The one thing I will be disappointed about after my four long years of college are over, is my yearbook experience. I love being able to look at any picture and say that i know them. Unfortunately being at such a big school like UCLA doesnt let me do this. I love being involved in a diverse school, a school that can give opportunities to so many different people, but it would be nice to know more than the few hundred that i do now. Its hard to meet other groups of people because after the first couple of months of college, most everyone has found a safe group of friends to stay with, even if they arent completely compatible. Everyone is so worried about making friends that they dont branch out after meeting the first five. The first five best friends are wonderful, but i dont think you should stop. People need to take better advantage of the huge-ness of UCLA. Meet as many new people as possible, so that when you look back at your year book from 2014 (me!), you can tell your kids all of the people you know.
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  • I agree Rebecca. I believe that going to a big school has its ups and downs. I love the diverse field of UCLA. Coming from a small town in San Diego, I was not faced with this much diversity. I am learning that diversity is a beautiful thing. In my high school, I knew everyone. I knew everyone since kindergarden. I knew where they lived and their families. In college, I feel as if people don't even know I exist. The student population is so overwhelming that it is hard to stand out. However, it is all worth it. UCLA is a very special place.
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