Deleting or Ignoring: Which Is Better?

When you are left with emptiness and sorrow, how do you survive? How do you face each day? It was suggested that when the one you love the most doesn't love you back to use every way possible to delete them. With the technology we have, blocking emails, blocking messenger, erasing all information of that certain someone would seem like an easy task. But when the feelings are so profound one seems to forget that you cannot just delete them out of your life.That person is forever embedded in your heart; no matter what you try, how busy you keep, how hard you walk different avenues, he is always there. I felt empty yesterday, only because I am so confused by life. I always believed that when you find that special number one person, you would live happily ever after. I also believed that love would be returned; no matter how hard I believe that, it is so difficult to believe how one person can just can entangle you over and over in their mind, body and soul. You cannot erase what you have inside you and for those who do shut it off, it is because you truly do not understand the meaning of LOVE.I know some people who try to deny their feelings, leaving you with confusing thoughts, mixed emotions and if you aren't strong enough to resist, you can become very lost. Why does one person do that to another person? It is because themselves they are confused and lost and do not know how to let go and let themselves believe that they can and deserve to be loved. I know a wonderful person, who for the most part has no idea how special they are. They have been through so much pain and defect in their lives that when this special LOVE hits them, they do no know what to do with it. They ignore the signs, they use mixed messages and for better or worse, every once in a while send you that special message that says: " Please don't leave me, I'm confused"So, the one receiving that message, with all their efforts are determined to just be there for them. The sad part is, we end up being the ones who need rescuing. I leave you with a thought: Can you really stop loving someone? OR Can you just delete them out of your lives?
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