Determination or Struggle: Which would you chose?

When we look at these two words, they are two in the same. When you go through different struggles in your life, you find the spirit somewhere deep inside and are determined to make things better. Life brings us all kinds of challenges and we must all rise above that struggle. There a certain things that can bring you back from your loss; children, snow falling, a smile from a total stranger, kind words when you least expect it but most of all it is when you find yourself doing something really nice for someone else for no reason at all.Giving is a joy. Believe it or not, when you give to one another, it fills your spirit up. Most will say that giving is a sacrifice and when not returned it will leave an awful feeling of rejection in your heart. I am an expert on that. However, think about the last time you gave or did some random act for someone whom you know needed a happy moment? How did you feel right then and there? You felt like you were part of a good thing, an overwhelming feeling of joy and happiness because you knew that other person would be filled with love. That other person will say to themselves, "There are nice people left in the world". And it will make them feel like they are important.Remember the feeling of giving to someone who needs and someday it will be returned to you when you least expect it.
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