How Much Time Do You Have?

There is a wonderful movie I have called "The Bucket List" and it inspires people to think about time. If you found out today that you only had 6 months to live what would you do with that time? Do people put so much emphasis on waiting for something that we do not consider the time that is wasting wondering what is around the corner?If I look at the last year of my life, it isn't that I have so much wasted time but for me time has stood still. I went about my daily routine, work, home, children but there was always this thought of waiting for the love. When you hit rock bottom and you realize time has stood still, do you hope for a future or do you just stand still. I know some people who will not and do not live every moment like it is their last. They go about their daily business but are always sitting on the edge waiting for something better to come along, or waiting for something magical to happen like it is there and they need some kind of reassurance that the life they have is not enough.When you reach a certain age, you start to ask yourself have I fully lived the life that I have wanted? Or am I still waiting for something big to happen?I think people are afraid to live, to experience the precious moments they have, live on the edge because they are afraid of disappointment. What they do not realize is they are missing the point of living in the moment; TIME will not wait for you, you have to make TIME to live. You cannot wander into your mind and say: "What if?' You have to grab TIME by balls and explore all possibilities. If you do something that feels good, then why not keep doing that? If you are with someone who really makes you happy and you are accepted in every way possible why would you not want to be with that person? Enjoy the TIME you have with those people who matter most. Because tomorrow may never come.
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