If I could do anything else in the world...

For most people the answer is easy. They'd respond with something like an NBA basteball player, or NFL football player... Any type of athlete gets kudos because their work ethics and performances are so intense and amazing. I've done all that and am pursuing my life as a water polo player, but if i could be good at any other thing in the world it would be singing. I love being an athlete and working out and being part of a team, but there is something so special and amazing about music. I don't know if im becoming more inspired throughout my arts and architecture class or my continuously increasing time in front of my computer watching glee, but music seems to really be the thing that gets me looking forward to the next performance. It is so easy to appreciate a good singer and like Professor Winters said, music is like a leaky roof, no matter what, that water/music will find its way to get through to you. I can imagine and picture my life as a musician and i love it and want. However, of course, life isn't fair and I wasnt born with a voice so I enjoy and love my life the way it is. Even with my course set before me, I will never stop appreciating music and the arts.
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  • I would sing.  Not only would I sing but I would not talk anymore and just sing my answers.  There is something about singing that you just want to stop what your doing and listen to it.  I agree musically talented would just be such a nice way to express how you feel.
  • That is really nice, Rebecca. If I could do be anything in the world, I would want to be a doctor. I would love to help with people specifically children. I love babysitting and being with kids. Ultimately, I feel as if a pediatrician would be an amazing job for me.
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