Judgement: Do we really know?

Experience is simply the name we give our mistakes.Oscar WildeThere will come a time in your life when all will be clear in your mind and in your heart. But until that day, we spend most of our time evaluating what we have done or accomplished. True to form, we continue on a path of determination, strength, ambition, and for some of us, the road to happiness. How is it that at one point we find ourselves in a cross roads unable to proceed with much-needed direction? When our life becomes kaos, how are we perceived? People see us as we let them see us; they do not stop and think for one moment that maybe the outer shell is not exactly the rock or tower of strength.That quote I wrote is so true. Mistakes are supposed to be a learning experience. But do we really learn from them? We believe that we are in control of our lives and we make things happen. But when the knife stabs you in the back more and more are we really learning anything? We become are worse judge. Someone gave me a thought yesterday about how they perceived my writings and it was quite enlightening. They made me realize that what I was putting down on paper wasn't exactly what I thought in my mind. It opened a whole new door for me and gave me the ability to expand my writing and for the first time not see it as a negative suggestion. Although, when I read my writing, whether it is picking up my book, editing my blogs, I sometimes see mistakes in the meaning I am trying to send out. I really do evaluate my words and wonder if my readers are really experiencing the same feeling, or if I am having an impact on their lives. Do I submit some kind of message or am I simply writing to satisfy my inner peace?If I started writing more technical issues, passions about other things, would I get my readers more interested? I think not. This is who I am, this is what I write about. The judgement is all part of the learning process and for me it is the best part. Do not allow yourself to be someone else; enjoy the gifts you have and share them with the world. You would be surprised to know that even if you touch one person a day how enriching that is.
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