letting it out

if all you do is keep it in,

then life will not be worth the living.

if all you do is keep it in,

then you will never stop the giving.

you keep it in you all the time,

and have to pretend that all is fine.

you bottle up and want to shout,

but all you need is to let it out.

come on with me, take my hand,

i'll show you we can take a stand.

so letting it out,

will help you to see,

the truth behind,

this worlds beauty.


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  • Great poem. Thanks..

  • im glad that you liked it. i like to create poetry, and i created this one as i went along, not really thinking about it....just pouring how i was feeling into it
  • This is really meaningful, thank you for the great poem :-)

    I'm not used to let things out or communicate what's in me to others, so I tend to keep things in and pretend all is fine and I know how painful that can be sometimes.. I repress, I try to let go, or try to let out on my own, but it doesn't always work.

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