Looking through the eyes of a child

Do you sometimes forget the importance of life? The smaller things that used to make you laugh?

Yesterday, I was reminded of that and made me realize how fast life has flown by. We miss the value of living, the moments when time stands still and for some reason we take advantage of that. Is it ever to late? Never!!!

Example: A Child; how does he or she perceive life? Simple. They learn, they watch but they also use simple terms and simple phrases. They don’t try to impress, or feel obliged to make someone proud. They are within themselves, they see the world with no kaos, no pain, no suffering. And children see light in everything.

Children also tell it like it is; they don’t try to deceive you, or give you a “fib” story(well for the most part), they just say what is on their minds. As adults, we learn with time, that there are values and respect that must be obeyed and for the most part I believe we all know these rules but if only we could take a moment once in while and pretend we were children again.

Imagine yourself as a child: What would you do or say that you could not as an adult?

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  • It is insane that I am entering into my final years as a teenager, it seems like yesterday that I was swinging on a playset with pigtails and overalls.  It is crazy how fast time travels and it scares me that i am really growing up.  What am i supposed to do now? what is my place in society and what is my place on earth?  Childhood seems so far behind me, even though i want to go bck so badly.

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