Peer Pressure

Its funny how people assume that peer pressure is only referring to drugs and alcohol and doing things illegal, when actually a majority of peer pressure comes from just doing small things. I feel a lot of pressure about going out on nights to just hang out, when really id rather be warm and cozy in bed. I love being a part of things so even if i am in bed and someone tells me i should go somewhere, I feel like i should leave my comfort zone and go, just to be a part of something that may not even be fun. I shouldnt be so focused about what other people want me to do, but fitting in is such a big part of todays society its hard not to think about it. I wish there was more pressure to do homework and study, because I know that out of anything, that is what i need the most influence in! All in all, i think that I can easily resist the pressure to do drugs or drink.. i have no problem telling someone i dont want to do something that serious. However, when it comes to smaller, less intense situations, i find myself getting caught doing what other people want me to do. I wish i could help others fight against peer pressure, but i think mostly its just a bump in the road on the way to finding oneself. Its a layer of personal confidence. It helps you figure out how comfortable you are in your own skin. I need to gain my confidence back and enjoy who i am.

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  • Peer pressure is a big problem of what teens face today. As Karoline said, I constantly said she feels as if she needs to please people so do what they want me to do. I also have this problem. I feel like I need to please people or do as they say.
  • I feel like if I'm in my bed thats the end of it I'm not going out, but I totally understand where your coming from. Especially with being a freshman at UCLA I don't want to miss out on the opportunity of meeting a possible new friend or having a really fun night. I have confidence in you that you will being to enjoy who you are. Everyone gets lost a little but hopefully they will all find there way.
  • I think peer pressure comes more often from the insecurity that we feel inside than from actual external pressure. If we really know ourselves and our goals, and what we've got to do to enrich ourselves, I think the peer pressure won't really work for us.
  • I'll be honest, I easily give into peer pressure. Not to illegal substances, but similarly to you in the little things such as going out, I tend to just do things because other people are doing it as well. It's almost a sense of not wanting to be the one "left out," but it has its pros and cons. Doing things you would never expect yourself and living in the moment on one hand, but on the other, you aren't living your life. Well said blog, I like.
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