Technology Sucks

As much as i love computers and phones and ipods and all the new things that are made each year, sometimes life seems too complicated with them. I like the idea of having to make your own fun. My mom used to tell me stories of her playing with toy trucks in the dirt outside her house. She made her own fun outside with her friends by playing tag games and running around. Kids these days, including myself, are so effected by technology that we have time for little else. People spend more time on Facebook and wdydwyd websites then outside running around or being active. Technology, as much as it helps in everyday things, is taking away from the natural beauties of this world. No one goes outside to see the sun set or rise, and no one is without their phones these days. Cameras are everywhere and even during class, teachers have to tell students not to bring their computers because too many of them go online during class. Inventing all these things is amazing, and we have made so much progress. It scares me, though, because sometimes i feel like we are moving too fast. Technology needs to let the human race catch up so we all can use it moderately.
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  • I completely agree! I think that technology has completely changed how our generation lives life versus earlier ones. Texting and facebook specifically are where I see issues arise. Emotion is lost in texting, so you can never really tell if someone is being sarcastic, is angry, or is just tired and doesn't feel like talking to you. Facebook allows us to see wayyyy too much detail of another person's life. I feel that sometimes, we just shouldn't be able to know so much information about each other! And what ever happened to a simple phone call? Now it is mostly all about texting, and if someone doesn't respond within 5 minutes, you are wondering why they are mad at you or ignoring you, when they may simply just be away from their phone!
  • I also believe that technology has really impacted our generation. I am a product of this specifically. I can't go anywhere without my blackberry. I am constantly texting, bbm-ing, or facebooking on my blackberry. My boyfriend and I have trouble sometime because he is constantly on his Iphone. He likes this game called, "angry birds." Sometimes it is frustrating because of his obsession. Instead of paying attention to me, he goes on his phone.
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