The simple pleasures in life

We all know the Beatles song about how the best things in life are free and although they continue on to ask for money, i believe that what they first say is true. I think of the small, completely insignificant things that make me happy and they really dont cost much, if anything. My friends and family, for one, are the most important things to me and i havent payed them to stay by my side at all! Beautiful smelling roses, or even clean smelling laundry :), makes my day a little bit better as well. Looking at a sunset anywhere in the world will always amaze me and remind me to be grateful for life. It is very easy for me to get angry and take things out on others but the second i calm my mind and think of a few of these things, i regain my head above my shoulders. The simple pleasures in life are all around us, but are sometimes over looked because of their insignificance. I want to remind everyone of the little things in life that make their days better. If you are having a down day, I recommend thinking of them and of the beauty of nature around us. The world has been through good and bad, just like we have and has survived, just like we will.
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  • I believe Samantha and Rebecca. It is the little things in life that matter the most. I cherish the little moments that make me smile, laugh, or even maybe cry. Life is a learning process. Learning from my mistakes and the past improves my future. Overall, I cherish the moments with my friends, family, and teammates. Our little moments together are held in a very special place in my heart.
  • Im trying to slow everything down in my life and recognize what is really important in my life, and what truly makes me happy. I think recognizin the simple and beautiful things in life help calm me down and improve my mental state of being.
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