Why I do what I love.

Honesty, loyalty, and strength. My family and friends have greatly influenced these values that I hold. I talk, they listen. I cry, they comfort. I need advice, they give it. I converse with others to brighten my day and to share what I love. I am one who appreciates the experiences of life, good or bad. The good has shaped me into the joyful person I am today, but the bad has humbled me and taught me not to take what I have for granted.The things that I do: talk to friends, go to class, study, attend club meetings, I do not do out of conformity, but for my best interest. I do what I do to help anyone I can. I am a lover of animals. So many are euthanized each year because they do not find homes that give them the love they long for. Many people, however, fight for the rights of these animals. Some of the values I hold in life can also be seen in their demeanor. Animals bring smiles to peoples’ faces. They listen to what I say and don’t talk back. Some even have the role of a best friend, one of the family, like my own dog. I one day hope to devote all of my time to help them. I volunteer at shelters to help give these animals a second chance at life. Simple, everyday tasks that us lucky people do not even give a second thought about, may not be so easy for others. In some of these cases, people owe their lives to service animals. In the real world, a little boy who had seizures on a regular basis had a canine companion that could tell moments before when these seizures were about to happen. The nurses then acted swiftly to save this little boy. I have one word to say. Amazing. I put passion into whatever I do to remind me of what I am working towards. I do what I love so that when I do look back on what I’ve done, I don‘t regret it.
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