By learning music, I see myself more. Frustrations and successes make my music world better. I do not give up the places that they should be improved. Success gives me more confidence to continue my music life.

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Yes i definitely agree with this statement. Music is an art form through which one can express his/her feelings. When one is frustrated or successful, that person is able to express all of his/her feelings through music. Music is a form of expression, by which people are able to express feelings that can not be illustrated through conversation. Whether it is in the form of playing instruments or writing a song, learning and applying music to your life can be an excellent way to share and ease your feelings.
I have been learning piano since I was in 4th grade. I used to hate, hate, hate playing it. I'd dread every Wednesday because I knew I'd be forced to go to piano lesson in the afternoon. However, for some reason, I never quit. And I'm glad I didn't because now it is my main way of relieving my stress. Whenever I'm angry, I play some Beethoven. Whenever I'm sad, I play some Chopin. Even though I've been playing for 9 years, I'm not that great. I never reached the potential I could have and I will always regret that. Now that I am in college, I don't have the time to take lessons or play very often. Now I know that if I'm going to put my time and effort into something, I should put as much effort into it during the time that I can.
Everyone has a passion for something whether it is liked or disliked by others, you should still do it. There will always be critics. But what those critics do not understand is your passion for that certain activity is invigorating and helps you get through hard times. I totally agree with this statement because by seeing what you enjoy you get to enjoy what you are becoming.
For me, I think I learned about myself the most through playing golf. Golf is a difficult sport that often requires not only precision and athleticism, but also perseverance, patience, and effort. This means that golf is a mental game and those who have the mentality to suceed will likely to prevail. When I first started golfing I was a young immature middle school kid who didn't want to listen to what other people had to say. But through playing golf, I realized that I could gain a lot by taking other people's advice, learning from mistakes, and looking to the future instead of the past. I became more open to others' opinions especially from someone who already had the experience in that particular field.
I agree with the idea. sometimes I'm surprised by my improvement. When i learned swimming, I couldn't even breathe. But a month later, I learned three types of swimming, though it wasn't perfect. It was my first thing that learned formally. I used to swim with friends in a stream near my town and learned how to "survive" in 8ft deep water. That was cool too but learning swimming gave me another feelings that I hadn't felt before. And the fact that I finished the learning is one of the biggest events in my life.
Improvement requires a process. that means it takes time to make an improvement. nothing is ever perfect and therefore always has a room for impovment. if we want to make something better, we take time to improve it. then it will eventually lead to success. I didnt know how to say Hi in english. it took 5 years for me to come to UCLA. If I spend more time to improve my english, I will speak english fluently like a native speaker !!!
I really understand the feeling, except, it's with art rather than music. When comparing pieces from when I was younger to my more recent ones, I see vast improvements and changes. The techniques become more refined and the style more defined, unique to me. It's not like I just work up someday and got to where I am now. I had to work, practice, and experiment. Just seeing the finished piece each time makes me so proud of myself, that I would be willing to go through the process again to see how I can improve. Likely, if I didn't have any struggles, I wouldn't feel as accomplished as I would have been otherwise.
Taking this statement into a larger picture, I believe every new experience allows you to find out who you are--your interests, your strengths, your weakness, etc. And in times of trials, we must not give up, b/c the end product is always beautiful. Even if you fail...you learn more about yourself and will learn to treasure your success, which re-builds our self-confidence again. And if you achieve, congratulations, you broke through a barrier.

I think human beings can be parallel to a flower. "Every Flower must grow through dirt"
I learn from my mistakes. Definitely.
I totally agree. People need some sort of success in order to continue any endeavor, but must also realize that setbacks are inevitable.
Self-improvement is a good way of seeing how strong my own willpower is. When I compare myself to who I was several years back, I'm shocked at how far I've grown and accomplished, and it reinforces my resolve. It's reassuring to know that challenges and obstacles that I once thought were impossible are accomplishments of the past.


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