2012 planning - WDYDWYD? on playa

Sorry to say that I will not be able to build a booth this year for wdydwyd? on the Playa.  However in going through my Playa gear I have found a lot of Releases from 2011....  I would like to offer these to people interested in continuing this on the playa. (You would need to change some dates) my plan will be to have a trunk at my camp...

LOCATION: Trunk will be at "Greeters Camp" (D & 6:00) Specifically, it's at 6:10 & Route 66 (inside Rod's Ring surrounding Center Camp), but you can ask for "Yay Fuzzy." Trunk will be labeled "wdydwyd?"

you could swing by and pick up a package of 25 and return them before the end of the week by dropping them in the  same trunk whenever you want. So I will know how many packages to prepare please contact me by leaving a reply and sending me an email before i leave for the Burn.  my email is koliedeescope (at) gmail.com.  I will be on Playa from Aug 19- Sept 3rd. Thank you for understanding and i hope we can keep this project creating images from the playa this year too!!!


Derek/ YayFuzzy

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  • I'll be there and taking photos. I'll add my location to the events list and hopefully people from previous years will find us.

    Darren (Existential Phoenix)
    • I've created an event and submitted it to the playa events database. If you'd like to add your camp location, let me know and I'll edit the listing

      Existential Phoenix
    • I am not sure how much of an event this is.  I really need to know in advance how many packets to prepare.  the trunk will be accessable to those who tell me they are coming.  The action here would be photographers familiar with the project to bring some pens and markers and seek out groups and places on the playa to  do a Flash mob type of wdydwyd? this gives the photographers the luxury of shooting where they are comfortable and getting to choose their time to do it... Magic hour sunrise night by the man base or temple... this could be considered WDYDWYD? "No strings attached"  I will get a count on the qty of 2011 releases i still have and get back to you.

      Thank you for your help




    • yeah, not really an event, but here's the listing on the site:  


      If anyone has ideas on how to better promote this, feel free to share.

  • wish i was going to be on playa this year to lend a hand and shoot some for the project but sadly the offered step tickets came too late two weeks ago to be able to get time off board dogs make trip across country etc....but hope people take you up on offer and step forward and shoot new people all over the place. and if i can ever do anything just ask. have a dusty time for me.

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