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  • Being part of WDYDWYD at Burning Man this year was such a positive experience.  Loved the participation of all involved.
  • Oh, I didn't tag mine but they are up. Will go back. This is so much fun for me and my friends, we are already planning on doing this next year. It wasn't only fun but super duper meaningful. Intense at times. Thanks for your wonderful project. Can we take the forms further out on the playa to get better pics?
  • Hi Mat, timing will all depend on when the collaborating photographs upload their images.... hopefully in the next week or two.

    I've asked them to tag all their pictures "playa10" and also asked them to retype the words from your sign.

    There is a search box in the upper right hand corner you can use. Type in some of the words from your sign. But, only three photographers have uploaded their images so far.

    Could I ask you (and others) a favor too? If you find it, could you add a comment: "This is me" or something like that. It will help in tracking down photos..

    Hope you had a good burn!
  • Im curious - I had a wdydwyd photo taken during burning man 2010 at center camp - is there a way to find this photo? I would love to see how it turned out but am lost on how to locate it!? any help would be marvelous, thanks!
  • The installation was amazing last year! I am sure with new creative entries this one is going rock the playa!:)
  • Do they still dream when they step into the next dimention?
  • Thanks for the invite.
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BM 2012 - INSTRUCTIONS if you plan to collaborate

Below are instructions if you want to collaborate this year. It will be a more of a self-directed project this year, but will gear up for a big exhibit in 2013 on the back fence of Center Camp. The reason I can't join you all this year (from my son, "Durham"): INSTRUCTIONS: The only parameters of the project is (1) answer "wdydwyd?" (why do you do what you do?) (2) combine text w/image or video. Otherwise, experiment! For example, you could ask people to write on their skin – examples:…

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2012 planning - WDYDWYD? on playa

Sorry to say that I will not be able to build a booth this year for wdydwyd? on the Playa.  However in going through my Playa gear I have found a lot of Releases from 2011....  I would like to offer these to people interested in continuing this on the playa. (You would need to change some dates) my plan will be to have a trunk at my camp... LOCATION: Trunk will be at "Greeters Camp" (D & 6:00) Specifically, it's at 6:10 & Route 66 (inside Rod's Ring surrounding Center Camp), but you can ask for…

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Survey Request Re: Playa placement of Photo Booth....

Were you a Photographer, conversationalist, or subject with wdydwyd? I would love to have feedback on where the photo booth installation works best for YOU!!.  Over the last two years wdydwyd? was placed in two very different locations on the Playa. Both worked and lots of photos were taken however i could use honest responses to the pros and cons of each of the locations below.  A) Last year on open Playa 6:20 @ 1500' from The Man (2011) B) Two years ago on the Center Camp Cafe where the wall…

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