Were you a Photographer, conversationalist, or subject with wdydwyd? I would love to have feedback on where the photo booth installation works best for YOU!!.  Over the last two years wdydwyd? was placed in two very different locations on the Playa. Both worked and lots of photos were taken however i could use honest responses to the pros and cons of each of the locations below. 

A) Last year on open Playa 6:20 @ 1500' from The Man (2011)

B) Two years ago on the Center Camp Cafe where the wall exhibit was (2010)

what did you prefer and why?

Thank you for your time and feedback on this. 2012 is just around the bend and proper planning is needed to get to this collaborative project on Playa this year.  

Please post your reply in the comments below

Dustily Yours

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  • I liked it in the middle of the playa since you could place the subjects in different ways to have a nice background of the man, etc. At the same time, it does disappear a bit and hard to find it unless you know where the booth is. I think it would be great to have a bigger gallery next or around it with bigger presentations of the pictures. I think what I saw in 2009 left great impression on me. So if something like that can be combined it would be successful.

    Btw, I am coming to the Burn this year and planning to continue the project. 

  • I was a photographer last year & loved the site on the Playa.  Many burners were inspired by The Man & wanted him in the background of their photos.....also, there are other things out there (performance, art cars, even wedding processions, etc.) coming by that can either be used in the photo or not.  The beauty of the Playa is it is always changing.

  • I was a part of the project on the Playa last year. I thought the placement in the open area was perfect, as we had a multitude of backgrounds to use. I would personally prefer the "booth" to be out in the Playa again this year, it went very well last year. The exact moment I truly became a Burner was at 1PM on that Wednesday, with a woman I never even photographed. We just started talking, and I became one. Changed my life completely at that very moment. Can't wait to go Home again.

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