• You can create an account on and try to spread the site and the philosophy of wdydwyd.
    • Great idea. I'd be curious other ways to spread the philosophy of wdydwyd (if you can even call it that). I've been thinking about how to do it with video and audio/radio too... possibly some print books like postsecret does.

      Would love for you to do it in Brazil!
  • Take photos on street of ordinary people, is a good way to make Buzz...
    • Good idea Daniel. I could see someone setting up in a park or something. It would attract a crowd. That's what happens when we do it on the playa at Burning Man. It's quite fun and does build buzz.
    • I loved the photos of Burning Man... It was amazing! I want to do something like that here on Brazil. But instead if WDYDWYD it have to be PVFOQVF in portuguese... lol!

      The "FREE HUGS" did it on public places with ordinary people all over the world, and things like these call atention.
  • tomorrow, i'm going to spend an hour or so making 'wdydwyd' postcards and sending them to people on

    also, today i posted links on my blogs, facebook, and

    also, i can help with t-shirts! :)

    stickers? palm cards/postcards? do we have any website buttons? i can make a few..
  • did you sell t-shirts on your old site? cryptic t-shirts and other merchandise (wrist bands, patches, . . . ) with the website/logo on it might be cool.
    • We did have T-shirts, but are thinking about designing them a bit differently. Do you think people would want t-shirts?
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