This group is for anyone who wants to explore doing "wdydwyd?" as a project with a class (any age group). Post your school name and say a little about how you assigned it, or ask questions to get feedback on your plans.
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  • How are you getting permission to do it with a high school? Ask parents? Are you going to post their pics here?
  • I am going to do this project with all of my high school classes. I think it will be interesting to see how different mediums answer the question. I'm hoping this will help my students learn to think about life and art on a deeper level. I want them to learn how to voice who they are through their art.
  • I teach Beginning Painting teacher at Cal State Fullerton. My personal pedagogy is that the basis of art is perceptual mapping. My goal as an instructor is to try to help my students recognize how the discern one thing from another, to be aware of what they are focused on and to become more concious of their perspective in the largest sense of the world.
    I am always in search of generative questions so I was delighted when a friend sent me the link for WDYDWYD. For most of the students this was their first experience showing their artwork in public. One of my students answer to WDYDWYD was " because I am afraid to do what I really want to do." That student has since started applying to culinary schools, we talked about how observation and being present is important to both cooking and art. He seems more relaxed now, his artwork has dramatically improved and he has decided to at the very least, be less afraid- What more could you ask for from a project and that is just one story.
    Thank you for providing such a wonderful opportunity.

    After in class discussion and viewing the WDYDWYD website I provided them with the following handout:

    Beginning Painting 107B
    Assignment 8
    Group Assignment: In Class
    Instructor: Athena Hahn
    October 27, 2008

    Why do you do what you do?
    1. Concept: WDYDWYD?

    2. What image will you use?

    3. What will the text be?

    4. How to: Describe how to set up what you will be looking at in order to do the painting and/or what reference material you will need.

    5. Paint Application: What styles of paint application will you use?

    6. Additional Materials: List what will be needed in order to complete this assignment.


    1) Why did you choose this description of yourself?

    2) How does the style of text reflect the emotion or thought behind your statement?

    3) How does your application of paint reflect the emotion or thought behind your statement?

    4) In what ways is it different to make a piece with publication in mind?
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Alternative High School

I'm an art teacher at an Alternative High School and I was looking for ideas for my graphic design class. Next week is the short holiday week, and I 'm planning on having my GD students create a WDYDWYD assignment in four days. I'll post the results.

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writing students at a midwestern community college (and postcards)

This summer term, I've asked my online writing students to think of why they do what they do, express it in haiku form, and send it to me via surface mail.  I gave them blank stamped postcards, so they have what they need.The cards are due next week; I look forward to seeing what they see, and write, and send. Our course blog is password protected, but the assignment is: Another assignment this week: the Postcard Prompt. In your surface mailed packet, you received two blank stamped addressed…

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How I Incorporated WDYDWYD in My Art Direction 2 class at Temple University (ADV Dept) FALL '09

I was so excited when I came upon this site / project last summer as in my mind this was a perfect "icebreaker" / introductory project for my Art Direction 2 (senior undergraduates) students. It gave me the ability to get to know them a bit as people as well as gave me a good baseline into their conceptual and technical graphic design abilities coming into my classroom at the beginning of the semester (use of typography, illustrations, photography, mastery or lack thereof of design principles,…

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