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  • I do what I do because I'm told to it.....just kidding! I do what I do because I want to better myself and those around me!
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  • I do what I do because I want to have a successful life and career. I want to have an excellent education and a job that I love.
  • Hello All:
    Now when you are ready with the message, accept the challenge --- add your message/text to an image that can go with it and then create a 1 min video/voice over your WDYDWYD text...
    Good luck!
    Dr. S
  • I do what I do because I like a challenge. I knew the path I was on was not what I wanted to do forever. So I closed my eyes and crossed my fingers and hopefully I will land on my feet.
  • I do what I do to become a better person and to have fun!
  • I do what I do because I love when my students get what I taught them even if it's at the end of the school year and they saw that lesson for a couple of days in February.
  • I do what I do to pass my classes and become a better teacher... I need to learn all that I can to do what I do best!
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