Will hatred ever come to an end?

Violence is always evident in everyday life. We try to ignore it and live life as peacefully as we can, but the hatred that exists today always makes us think of how we can resolve it. Will we ever resolve it? Is there too many people on earth to end it? It seems impossible, hopefully its not.

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  • We can take many steps as a society to try our best to eliminate prejudices and the hatred that people feel; however, there will always be some form of hatred in our lives. Like many of you said, it is human nature to hate. Hopefully, in the years to come, the world will realize its close-mindedness and shift toward a more accepting one.
  • I think that hatred will exist pretty much for forever. It's human nature.
  • It will always exist. We are all raised differently. It's a human thing to hate some things.
  • I think as a whole, hatred will always exists. The same with other emotions such as happiness, grief or apathy just because we are human beings. But I do believe that for a (small) particular hatred, if one allows forgiveness to take the wheel, the hatred will be erased.
  • I think it will always exists. It has been many centuries, and hatred never once disappeared
    • well... hatred will disappear when human beings distinct... lol :p
  • It will always exist. It's human nature to belittle someone else for ourselves to feel better.
  • i dont think so... i think the hatred that exists in the world today will cause human life to end before hatred will end. It is difficult to get rid of hatred because it is something that is ingrained and conditioned into so many children's minds by their ignorant and hateful parents
  • i don't think hatred will ever end. People are always raised with certain prejudices, and these can be tough to break. It is within human nature to hate, and thus can not be weened out easily. It may be possible to get rid of large scale hatred, but to some degree, hatred will always be present in our lives.
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