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  • I think the twittering is really cool. Now that i've started i've connected with a lot of my friends who use is, and it's fun to update a lot and see what everyone is doing.
  • It's interesting looking back at my old posts on Twitter. It's kind of like looking through a photo album and remembering every emotion you were feeling when writing that post.
  • I personally have never had a twitter account before, even though I hear that numerous people have it, including celebrities. That is probably the only reason why it is so popular.
  • I'm not really sure why Twitter is so popular. I guess it can sometimes help people express their thoughts, but I'm not sure who is supposed to be interested in reading them.
  • Twitter actually helped me to track my thoughts every moment. Kind of useful now I tweet regularly.
  • Yea twitter definitely helped me see that i waste a lot of time.
  • I think that the twitters made me realize that I need to do more with my life and to stop wasting it away..
  • We learn from experiences and experiences teach us to grow up.
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Will hatred ever come to an end?

Violence is always evident in everyday life. We try to ignore it and live life as peacefully as we can, but the hatred that exists today always makes us think of how we can resolve it. Will we ever resolve it? Is there too many people on earth to end it? It seems impossible, hopefully its not.

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4th Performance?

What did you guys watch as your fourth performance and what did you think of it? I ended up watching "How the Grinch Stole Christmas" at the Pantages Theater and enjoyed it more than I expected to. The director decided to make a musical out of the popular children's book and while I normally despise musicals, this one was quite spectacular. I hope you guys enjoyed your performances as much as I did.

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