I created this image because I do things because I want to. Anything I have ever done in my life, whether it be a goal, a dream, spontaneous things, I do because I simply want to. I know many people in my life who do things that other people want them to do. They spend their lives pleasing others and making other people happy while they themselves are not happy. I do not believe this is the true way of life. I do what I do because I want to and there isn’t anything that can stop me. I spent my whole life playing sports each and every season. I played basketball, softball, tennis and soccer my whole life. A lot of my friends from high school went to small schools to play a sport. Many of them have not had the college experience that I have had going to UNC. I chose not to play a sport in college because that is what I wanted to do. I wish some of my many friends would do things for themselves and not try to please their parents or others. Many of them quit their respective sports teams and also transferred schools. I, on the other hand chose to go to UNC and not play a sport and did what I wanted to do and am still happy with my decision today.
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