Joseph Hadaya - If I didn't?

"Why do you do what you do?"If I didn't, what would I become?There are many different paths one can take in life, each one with a different outcome. Each path is representative of a path one may take in life. The one-way signs indicate that once you embark on your path, you cannot turn back. While some paths may seem easier (downhill) than others (uphill), it is up to each person to select what they will do.
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  • I was bored and googled your name...wierd eh?
    By the way, Tommy misses you.
    I wish I was admitted to UCLA, but I'm going to UC Davis.
  • You're lucky this got redirected to my UCLA email otherwise I would've never seen it.

    I've been doing good, UCLA has been a blast. How did you end up on this website anyway lol?
  • hey joseph, its me jason from your physics and stats class at bhs
    how have u been?
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