Because I Still Have Invisible Friends

Painting 36x36 inches
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  • Thank you! I work up today wondering how I was going to pull together the pieces that I am working on for a show in January and was having a pre-caffine urge to bow out when your note came through. Thank you for the cyber shot in the arm!.
    My website is and the pieces that I am currently working on will be up at DA Gallery and Bunny Gunner Galleries in Pomona CA in Jan. I see that you are in Washington. I don't know where specifically you are but my mother lives in Bellingham which is quite beautiful. Where do you show your work? I like the Fuller quote. I saw him speak once when I was small, it took years until I could tell the difference between him and Ray Bradbury...(they both looked the same to me). I am a little confused about your name and therefore how to address you...Is Tobeimean your given, your surname or other ... ex: you changed it when.... because...?
  • I enjoy your paintings a lot. The word-matrix backgrounds and powerful images juxtapose beautifully. Where can I see more of your work?

  • Thank you
  • very cool
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