because am real

because am real
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  • “(…) the real revolution is not social, but mental. Getting rid of the virus language is the first step (…)”
    William Borroughs
    The centre of the dilemma is man, the quest for identity, values and the control in which his existence may be based.

    Working from existentialist reflexions leads me to review or reformulate the philosophical stances which have influenced the evolution of a society where man, in a conscious state or not, bears the burden of his history and his traditions, affecting all inherent to humanity with this stance.

    My interest in language systems, codes, symbols, signs in general, tries to make emphasis in the “historical contamination” that they carry with them provided that they are not given or natural by chance.

    They are the development or the product of our tradition and, therefore they drag anthropomorphic burdens, “cultural” meanings and values that mould our conscience turning us into social beings.

    When we deduce, we do it from a stock of images, concepts, notions and myths which are actually ingrained in the collective wisdom.

    The word fallacy has been used since long time ago to name incorrect argumentations but which, apparently, have a strength proof they do not really have. The fallacies that are made intentionally are called sophisms and those who are made without any intention are called paralogisms; anyway, the false use of statements constitutes an argumentative strategy which violates the rules that make the non-distorted communication takes place. With distortion or not, the information flow occurs and with it, the widespread of undesirable messages, distorted or just hidden or overlap (noises) that affect the quality of the discursive methods. Making language an insecure mean; that William Borroughs called “The human virus”, framing a whole conspiracy theory around them.

    ….the human being is infected by a parasite organism, a virus, which has chosen our mind as its home (…). The subject is manipulated and transformed by the process of the infection. The language is a virus which reproduces easily and determines every human activity.

    Grab the silence, trust on it and go for the original language can save us from the chaos of being the man we have assumed to be, renouncing to live without moulds, the language structures tend to confuse even more when the scientific method is used to highlight the softness and arbitrary convictions based on semiology or semiotics, but when a body crashes with the limits of its possibilities, only calm and reason can save it.

    To grab a sort of wisdom in which freedom does not come and is kept by itself, a wisdom in which freedom is always at danger, a wisdom in which freedom can come to the surface, only if all who need it devote our effort restlessly and struggle for it in word and action.

    The indifference for the cause of freedom or the certainty of having it concludes inevitably in its lost.
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