Who I am by: Nichole K.

I wear two different colored gloves because one year for Christmas my sister got me 2 sets of gloves and I didn’t know which to wear first so I put one of each on and so now I always wear 2 different gloves. My hair is a rainbow because I like the colors and now everyone knows me because of it and makes suggestions to what color I should do next. My room is a mess because then I can find everything. I wear pants and a jacket all the time because I’m always cold even in the summer. My socks never match because I can never find a matching pair. My poems are dark because that's how I feel inside when the world doesn't want me to be me. My necklace is a puzzle piece because I'm hard to figure out. I care even if they don't. My shoes have writing on them because when I walk it looks interesting. I stick up for my friends because they do the same for me. I don't judge people because I know how it hurts. I can see things from other peoples’ point of view. I don't care what people think of me because in my mind its just one persons opinion. I confuse myself because I have a small attention span. I like to have fun in simple ways because I am easily entertained.I do what I do because I’m not afraid to show the world who I am.
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