Because I want to raise responsible individuals

I do what I do for several reasons but one main reason is to try and raise kindhearted, prayer oriented and responsible individuals.  I believe responsibility has to start at home and more so for the simple understanding between right and wrong.  Our children are our future.

About five years ago, I had an accident on a highway around 9pm.  I was working a midnight shift and dropping my kids off to prepare for shift.  It was and still is a very dark highway.  I only remember hearing a loud thump as if I hit something or someone.  I stopped, put the car in reverse and prayed it was not a person although I just knew it was.  Put hazards on; jumped out of the car and ran around and saw a women trying to get up.  I wanted her to stay where she was, fearful of a neck injury but she insisted on getting up.  I got her in the car, checked her injuries and called 911.  While waiting on responders, she began thanking me for stopping and helping after she was struck.  I told her "I hit you." She didn't have a phone so arkwardly I had to call and answer to her family due to emergency personnel attending to her.  After I gave my police report, I tried to go check on her at the hospital but she had already been released.  I did look her up a couple days later and visited to see how she was fairing and she again just expressed how grateful she was I stopped and helped.  I was just thankful she was alive and well. 

I believe this situation could have went any way.  I never thought of the consequences but just reacted because I thought it was my responsibility.  To this day, I still feel terrible and at times, guilty and embarrassed by the whole ordeal. I never saw her walking on that dark highway and still can't understand how but thank God she is here and may God continue to bless her and her family.  Her well-being will always be in my thoughts. I just want my kids to know and understand that no matter what, when or how bad a situation may be, always take responsibility for your actions accident or not and do the right thing.  I don't believe you can ask for anything more.     




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