Drunk in Love

As I sat and filled my thoughts with calm and peaceful thinking last night, I couldn't help but think: Should we have a 10 Step program for relationship burnout?Since I had not found any, I came up with my own.1. FORGIVE YOURSELF--It wasn't your fault the other person wouldn't commit or give you what you needor want2. CRYING IS GOOD--Feeling emotional from your pain and sorrow is better than getting angry andhurting yourself3. ISSUES--You can rise above all the other person's baggage, flaws and imperfections4. RE-ROUTE--Take different streets, avenues, roads; avoid all those places you used to go (even aroundthe corner)5. DELETE BUTTON--Once and for all, delete all emails, msn contacts, any photos(stickynotes? reminderson desk)6. SELF LOVE--The next time you freely feel yourself loving, BLOCK IT OUT, Don't give if you don't receive7. WRITE--Exclaim your feelings on paper, notepad, blog, reach out to others who understand andappreciate you8. DON'T GIVE IN--When faced with this love again, avoid it. Remind yourself of the pain and hurt, say itout loud9. BUILDING--You can build your happy future, people who are stuck in the past cannot fulfill your spirit10. LIVE IN YOUR MOMENT-Never let someone else tell you how to feel, or act, generate visuals, seeyourself happy, being loved, for all the right reasons
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