Pay it forward

Today I am sending out this worldwide message. Do you ever sit and just thinking about the unknown people who blog, tweet, facebook, myspace and wonder what they are all about? Many people, for whatever reason, sit at their computer desk typing important information, seek out new social networks and never get anywhere with it. They are searching for just one person to notice them and at some point they find themselves lost. They ask:“How can I make myself known? How can I generate hits to my site?“How can I get people to be interested in what I am writing or selling?”We all have different ‘niches’, but do we ever take the time to notice those who travel a different road?My request today is that you take at least ½ hour of your time, find a blog or site and make the effort to make a comment on someone’s work. You would be surprise how they respond and how you in the back your mind will feel like you have really made a difference in someone’s life today.Thank you.“There is light that comes through if you only open the window”

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  • i completely agree. i always try to comment and discuss things on others' pages. the way i see it, they put the effort into trying to make themselves heard, and sometimes all we need is someone to hear us... why cant we be that "someone"?
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