(1) LOCATION: 6:20 & half way between Center Camp and the man (closer to CC). You'll see a platform and "wdydwyd?" banner. (2-8pm everyday but Sat.)
Here's a link you can share with campmates to get their portrait made: http://wdydwyd.com/PlayaPortrait


(2) YOUR TIME: (if you signed up already) — alphabetical by first name -- http://wdydwyd.com/playa/timeslot (if not, just show up. There are spots we still need help (Mon 5 & 7 pm, Wed 4pm and a bunch more)

(3) If possible, print & bring with you: TIPS, INSTRUCTIONS & EXAMPLEShttp://j.mp/BM11tips

(4) BE SELF SUFFICIENT. In the spirit of BM, figure things out the best you can. Improvise. Problem solve. Make things happen.

(5) PRIME THE PUMP. Once a few people are having a portrait made, others will check it out. But, occasionally you might need to recruit people (esp at the first time slot in day). Use the examples on the TIPS sheet to show people. Don't be offended if someone declines… sometimes people aren't ready to answer. You can also start by shooting each other.

(6) HANDOFF - pass the baton. If possible, wait for the person who comes after you and explain to them where things are, how it went, and any tips you have from doing it. You can even continue to do it. Wait a reasonable amount of time for the next collaborators, but you can give up if necessary. (If you show up and no one is there, just get it going again the best you can.)

(7) SUBJECT RELEASES: Burners will write their answer on the blank side, fill out release on other. Get releases in a locked booth on the platform (pictured above). Lock combination: 728 -- Link if you want to print releases to bring with you. http://j.mp/BM11release

(8) PHOTOGRAPHERS' AGREEMENT: Photogs, please sign & bring. Or you can mail me afterwards. http://j.mp/PhotogAgreement

(9) CONTACT on playa: Derek Paulin"Yay Fuzzy" (give him a big hug for all the work he's doing!) Derek is camped at 4:08 & Hajj (8ft red flag out front, 20ft white box truck & carport)

(10) SHARPIES would be a great contribution if you can bring some.

FAQ & anything else you want to know (Google Doc): http://j.mp/BMschedule
Additional note: The only parameters of the project is (1) answer "wdydwyd?" (2) combine text w/image or video. Otherwise, experiment! Do audio, video or try asking people to write on their skin – examples: http://j.mp/SkinWriting

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