Hey All, My name is Michael and I'm new here on wdydwyd? I've taken a liking to this site because it really fits in nicely with what and how I like to practice my photography. I enjoy taking pictures of people while doing everyday random things, in their everyday random environment. When captured correctly, these photos speak volumes about the subject, and society in general. I usually try to talk to my subjects, ask them a few questions, get a sense of who they are and what their all about. I stumbled across this site and thought that's pretty cool, the pictures I take will go nicely here. I started asking my subjects Why do you do what you do? and their answer, (providing it's appropriate and fits with the photo) will be set in the final photo. So, I think this site will be a great place to post these pictures and I hope they will be well received. If you are doing, have done, or are interested in doing something like this, or collaborating with me on this, or just have some suggestions or ideas please let me know.

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  • i personally shoot a picture then ask myself the question. The camera can capture details and feelings that one may have not seen normally. When i look at an image i get drawn into it and then try to express the feelings and vibes i get from them.
  • When uploading images to this website, I select one that I have already taken (obviously) that stands out to me alot. I think about the picture, the subject, the mood. I will often do some photoshop effects to enhance the mood or subject, and then I sit down and think: why did I take this picture? If there is someone in the photo, I ask, what they are doing? What kind of a face are they making? Does the picture create a certain kind of feeling when you look at it? Then I add text. So in other words, I design the text to complement the pictures.
  • Regarding your title question... I do not know the golden answer. I will, however describe the little experience I have had so far.

    If the subject is myself, I think of an answer first, and then decide how to take the photograph. This way the photo is not just "image + text"; it a single entity that sends the message. The image complements the text or vice versa.

    I have recently started asking other people the question, and then taking their photo. With other people in question, I tried the same strategy... although it did not work as well. I asked them to come up with an answer first and then I asked them how would they like to be express the message visually in the photo. I got a lot of answers along the lines of "these flowers look pretty". Since I am the photographer, I can then direct them to pose a certain way or pick the right location... in a manner that *I* think would look interesting. It all comes down to "interestingness", isn't it.

    Having said that, sometimes a random photograph will fit the proper text caption perfectly. A lot of times it does not. I get this random urge to add my own caption to certain photos.. but of course those would be my thoughts imposed on an image of some other person.

    I realize I have sorta steered away from the original topic, and been babbling more about what I experienced. While I am steering away, I would like to mention that there is never AN ANSWER. No one does things due to one prime objective. People tend to answer whatever they think sounds cool or whatever they are going through during those times. It would be really interesting if you would come back to the same person a few months later and ask the same question.

  • Michael, this is a great idea! I might have to try doing it in my daily life, and such a great way to interact with the world! The thing I love about it is that it's something everyone can do.

    You know you could do this idea directly from your phone's camera (if you have email on your phone). You can add photos directly by emailing them. To get the email address for your account, go to My Page then My Settings.

    Also, here is a slide show of the images you've done so far. If you add others that you'd like in a different slide show, you can create an album of your images and snag the embedded code for it.

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