Here we can discuss our fears about anything, love, relationships, education, life, family, etc...
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  • Heyy Everyone :)

    i just wanted to see if you could give me advice on a situation I'm going through at the moment. If so that would be great. :)

    Alright, so i am having depression problems with my past, 5 of my best friends have committed suicide, many of the closest people (friends and boyfriends) to me are leaving me, and i just don't know how to deal with all of this stress.. if you guys can help that would be amazing

  • Hey Everyone! A newbie here! 

    Well, I've seen this group and read some posts. You guys are really cool! :)

    I just wanted to share some things that bothers me a lot. 

    I'm taking Nursing right now and It is something I don't want to do.. AT ALL.

    Not that I'm forced to do it, but because I wanted my family to be happy. Even if it means.. Me trapped in a world I don't love. But if its for them, I probably will sacrifice. It sounds crazy but I guess that's what love is for. Enduring pains too.

    I am not passing with my courses. I am actually entering a program but I guess because of their strict rules, I might not be able to get in. 




  • Seems like I post more fears than others lately...oh well, here's the latest. My holiday was terriable. Over the years I have said I don't care for the holidays anymore ...but I do...I miss those holidays when I was a child. This holiday I was physically attacked by a loved didn;t hurt physically, but emotionally I am paralized, lost. This person I love is also my best friend, and after 15 years with them and me getting older everyday, I fear that I am meant to be alone...for the rest of my life...I don't want, I guess today I will just have to fight through this ... this fear of change, lonliness, self-pity and ....well, I think we all know...
  • Thanks Tony... I needed another perspective,like photography, you have given me one I hadn't thought wishes...T
  • KC, I totally agree... I have fears that have emerged as I get older... and sometimes they subside... like the days feel more precious b/c there are fewer of them. On good days, this helps me pay attention to and value everything around me more, other days it makes me trigger shy on taking chances and risks in my life.
  • Today my fears have "lessen" somewhat... but I have to "suck it up" and go back out into the "real/un-real" world... Does anyone else ?
  • I woke up with I get older I remember my younger days,how exciting every day could be. Today, for reasons un-known to me, I fear my remaining days, maybe it is the fear of death,but, most likely depression of where I am or am not... that's why my photo's are so important to me.. an escape ...T
  • Of course I fear the future., being alone, making the right decisions, choosing the correct path.
  • ive never been apart of any sort of blog or discussion site before other than something like facebook, i stumbled on this by accident, and i dont even know where to begin. i guess a better question is what am i not afraid of..?
  • As life continues, I am still in pain and loss over my love, continuing this journey is very difficult but as long as I breath, I know I am existing.
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