Josie Schimke | Black Rock Arts Foundation | Oakland, CA What Josie does on staff at Burning Man: i do all things admin and assist with the development of the programs for the Black Rock Arts Foundation. wdydwyd?: perhaps some would say it's unhealthy, or perhaps some would just not be able to relate, but i approach my job and my life's work in the same way, with the same enthusiasm and passion. i wasn't always like this. this job somehow mysteriously and organically flowed to me at a time in my life that was very 'normal'; very stable and adequately satisfying. the job made so much sense for me - it seemed a perfect match. i'd have been crazy not to jump in head first. once i did, just about everything else in my personal life turned upside-down. it was all very scary, but always felt right. although i've sacrificed a lot to be here, i trust completely that i'm doing what i'm meant to be doing. but, my god, what a roller coaster ride! every day i feel like i'm closing my eyes and jumping... not just with my job, with everything. i'm along for the ride. i'd be crazy to resist it. no turning back. can't stop now.
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