Dana Liesegang | consultant, retired Navy vetran | Ashland, Oregonto help others see that there is so much living to be done no matter what your physical ability. i broke my neck 17 yrs ago and was told i would never even breathe on my own. the mind is a powerful thing as is the bodies ability to heal itself. due to never giving up, living life to it's fullest and stem cell therapyi'm able to not only breathe on my own but i can walk a 4k in 8.5 hours with a walker.i get stem cells every 6 months and will continue until i am no longer in a wheelchair.i want the world to know ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE AS LONG AS YOU WANT IT BAD ENOUGH AND ARE WILLING TO WORK FOR IT.
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  • I think this is my favorite photo of this entire project. Thanks for sharing your photo and her story.
  • What a great story!
  • I just wrote a short Article/story about that. I'd like you to read it if you have a chance.
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