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  • Paul had written this with his previous post of this image:

    Sometimes I must forcibly remind myself
    while in my myopic revery
    at my own insubstantial creations
    that these are my memories
    not yours.
    I wrestle with the uncomfortable realization
    that things which are of value to me
    are not of value to you.
    That precious yet glorious remembrances
    from my past
    are not, by any right, moments shareable.
    That forms and shapes which trigger
    my mind to unexpected excitements
    may be considered trite, petty
    and ultimately devoid of value.
    I search for excuses
    to a continued production
    knowing I can’t please everyone
    all or even some of the time,
    but I take guilty comfort
    from the selfish view
    that I can always please myself.
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