Larry Harvey

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  • That's good context to know... I didn't know it.


  • I'm a friend of Larry's, so I asked him about this picture the other day, seeing it as a bit odd that it was not really answering the question wdydwyd?...and that it wasn't really clear what it meant... at all... his response... "funny, you're the first person that has asked me that, I left it ambiguous so that people would ask what it meant"... he went on to tell me that it is a quote by the character Decoud, in the book Nostromo, by Joseph Conrad, who was referring to his technique of survival by keeping his passions in focus by somehow making them his duties, though it turned out not to be enough to keep him from insanity in his predicament... Larry's antidote that would be the next line to anyone asking was... "you have to be willing to assume the responsibility." --mystery solved... or not.. you'll have to decide... or maybe read the book.
  • 2010 Call For Entries:


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