I love them so much it makes me cry :)
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  • I don't have any kids (yet)... I just have a sense of what a big shift it is. Your story confirms it. Thanks for sharing!
  • Before I met my fiance I was getting into drugs, alcohol abuse, border line suicidal, no job, no school. I was starting to hit rock bottom fast. My fiance is an amazing woman and she helped bring me back. I've gotten my abuse under control and work hard to earn a living for my family. No matter how shitty my day or week, etc has been they always help me get through the day. Its funny how my biggest concern was where I was getting drunk that night and now i'm worried about my daughter having milk and if my wife is ok. Families improve your quality of life amazingly. How many kids do you have?
  • Diego, I'm curious how they saved your life? (I'm asking for personal reasons... that's one of the reasons to have kids... to save me from myself in a way... in other words: remind me of what is most essential about living life). I'm curious what your thoughts are...
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