AHHHHHHHHHHHHH..........These are the “Golden Years”as my physical universe creaks and moans, My ears are sodden from the latest “SKYPE”episode of, “Who Pissed in My Pants?”or “Who Shat In My Bed?”Tragedy after Tragedy Communications from (discarded friends) over the computer, with smell a-vision application. Or is it “Moi”? I'll take a shower and Inspect all the surface area with a mirror & 2 & 3 from all angles. The moisturizer feels good on those “Dead Tissue” areas, labeled “NIVEA For MEN” Maximum Hydration Nourishing Lotion (3 in 1) Body, Face, and Hands with Sea Minerals. Every Fisherman or Sailor should have one on hand to stay lubed, Maximum Hydration, Baby. If You are Employed and want to make headway, give a pump bottle for the office, everyone can have a pump when needed.....pump...squirt pump...squirt,squirt,squirt.....If you attend a Congregation of Faith in any of The World Religions, give the choir, and the “Head”a pump.....squirt....pump, pump, pump, squirt, squirt....

Even The President could use a Pump.....Squirt.....Pump.....Squirt

I want to see your voters registration card”to everyone that acts like they are somebody. I have one and I vote using a mail-in Ballot. I think everyone is Busy with Great Projects and Venues that cost $50,000 a month for an Emerging Growth Artist. I was told that I was, but we didn't have lotion in those days. I am 67 now and can bend over with the best of them. That Lotion really works, feels cool and seems to do the job. Pump,Pump,Squirt,Squirt

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