Eve Carson | student body president | University of North Carolina at Chapel HillThis photo was taken on March 3 — two days before Eve was shot. (more info) The entire campus, community and alumni mourn her death. She had an ethic of public service so strongly symbolized in her response to why she does what she does.
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Another way to honor Eve is to join her and the UNC community in answering: why you do what you do.Add a photo with your answer to wdydwyd — put "UNC" in the field labeled "tag" & it will be added to the UNC community slideshow.
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  • Very powerful image. What a sad, sad event. I just shared this on Twitter and I might put it on my blog, too.
  • I woke up to this photo on the page 1 of the local section here in Charlotte. First of all, it made me incredibly sad to read her statement knowing what would happen to her just a little while later. But then I was literally stunned for a moment when I saw the wdydwyd watermark. All the sudden, the world shrank 1,000 times in size and it struck me how strangely we are all connected--often in unknown ways. As I told Tony, I'm not sure there could be a better tribute to her life than that photo.
  • Asking "why do you do what you" has never been more important than on this tragic day. Eve, we will miss you forever. Be in peace.
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